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Frank Brinkman Law, P.C., has more than 30 years of experience in family law matters. Frank helps clients make informed decisions affecting the most important parts of their lives, their families, their children, their significant others, and other relationships. Frank Brinkman Law, P.C., will work to help you resolve your claim without going to Court. But if you have to go to Court, Frank will diligently and vigorously represent you in Court on your important case and protect your rights.

Each year, men, women, children, and other family members encounter difficult decisions with regard to their families and family law issues. Many clients are simply unaware of how to protect their rights and how the legal process works or functions. 

Frank Brinkman Law, P.C., takes great care in helping clients during these difficult times. Frank’s objective is to listen to clients, help clients, and prepare a strategy that best fits the client’s needs and the needs of the client’s family. If children are involved, the Indiana Courts primary concern is the best interest of the children, while protecting the rights of parents to their children. 

Family law is constantly evolving. Frank Brinkman Law, P.C., stays abreast of evolution in family law to better provide and represent clients. Our goal is to provide quality representation in a comforting environment to our clients, while attempting to obtain a good, fair, and reasonable outcome for the clients. 

Family law includes wide-ranging family-related issues which clients often find themselves involved. Frank Brinkman Law, P.C., and his staff have extensive experience in the following areas:  

Divorce and Legal Separation:

  • Child Custody/Child Support
  • Property Division
  • Spousal Support, Temporary Maintenance, and Post Dissolution Maintenance
  • Parenting Time Rights 
  • Emancipation of Child and Termination of Child Support
  • Pre-planning for marriage, divorce, and legal separation
  • Adult Name Change
  • Child Name Change
  • Post Dissolution Modifications (Modification of Original Court Order)
  • Post-Secondary Educational Support 


  • Establishing Paternity in Court
  • Contested Paternity Determinations
  • Child Custody/Child Support/Parenting Time
  • Review of Paternity Affidavits
  • Child's Name

Child Related Issues: 

  • Parenting Time
  • Child Support
  • Grandparent Visitation
  • Non-Party Custody of Minor Children 
  • Guardianship of Minor Children
  • Petition for Modification
  • Petition for Citation
  • Mediation on Family Law Matters
  • Adoption
  • Enforcement of Unpaid Child Support, Unpaid Medical Expenses, Violation of Parenting Time/Visitation Orders, or Unpaid Court ordered obligations

Other Family Law Matters:

  • Co-Habitation Agreements
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Post Nuptial Agreements

Family law cases are one of the most stressful and emotional decisions a person will ever have to make or be involved during their lifetime.  I will help you understand the law and how the law affects your rights and decisions. 

The Indiana Supreme Court has adopted Uniform Child Support Guidelines and Uniform Parenting Time Guidelines. A Trial Court’s initial analysis of child support and child parenting time/child visitation begins with the applicable Indiana Child Support Guidelines and with the applicable Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines. The presumed amount of child support and parenting time/visitation can be rebutted with appropriate evidence.

If you need family law services, please contact Attorney Frank Brinkman.

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